Jack Storey

Jack – A Soft Tissue Surgery Case Study

Jack, a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier had a large left-sided rib tumor (suspected to be an Osteosracoma or Chondrosarcoma.) This mass was invading into the chest/thoracic cavity and causing collapse of the left lung. He had fluid build up in the chest cavity (pleural effusion), causing him to have difficulty in breathing (dyspoenia) and cyanosis (insufficient oxygenation). Initial diagnostics were via CT Scanning of the Chest & Abdomen…

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A Lovely Testimonial Following Gucci’s The Poodle’s Trip To The Veterinary Referral Centre

“We are so very grateful for all the help and kindness shown by The Veterinary Referral Centre, specifically Hannah the vet and Laura. I was beside myself with worry over our toy poodle Gucci. She was terribly ill and my husband and I thought we may lose her to Pancreatitis. Our case was handled with complete professionalism and with such speed. We will always be thankful and appreciative of the…

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Penny The Bouncy Boxer

Penny, the very bouncy Boxer was an overnight guest after having a severe ventricular episode at the end of October. Alex, one of radiology interns can be seen carrying out an ultrasound of her abdomen. His magic touch means that she is having this done fully conscious and without being held. Penny is now doing well and back home with her very relieved owner but the string vest is not a fashion…

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