Hemilaminectomy and MRI – Coco

Hemilaminectomy and MRI
Coco was presented to Dr John Parker with suspected spinal pain this Monday.
An MRI was performed, identifying a slipped disc.
MRI stands for “magnetic resonance imaging”. Unlike a traditional xray or CT scan, the Veterinary MRI does not use ionizing radiation so there is no harm to the pet undergoing the procedure. Instead, it uses magnetic fields and radio waves to form an image of the body part being scanned.
Dr John performed a hemilaminectomy to relieve the slipped disc.
Coco is staying with us over the weekend and will go home next week. During his recovery he will receive cold/heat packs, physiotherapy and 24 hour TLC from the nurses and PCAs.
Coco is a very happy boy who constantly wags his tail and is always looking for something edible to munch! 💖
Coco enjoyed some fuss in our sunny garden  ☀️


Charlie Spearing