Ophthalmology Examination – Senile Cataract – Titina

Titina was brave for her eye exam on Tuesday 11th June with Shannon. She is an elderly dog, just over 11 and a half, with diabetes and cataracts.  Although she is completely blind in her right eye due to a mature cataract, her left eye still has some vision, albeit quite compromised. We will monitor her eyes regularly to check for symptoms of inflammation (uveitis) and glaucoma.  Fortunately, she is clear of these painful conditions at this time. However, she is at a much greater risk of developing complications. Monitoring is really important, as the best outcomes are achieved with early diagnosis and treatment.

Senile cataracts, which develop due to old age, are relatively common in dogs. They often progress slowly and cause gradual vision loss. However, it’s essential to note that not all cloudy eyes in older dogs are necessarily caused by cataracts. Another common in dogs is a condition called “nuclear sclerosis” can also lead to cloudy eyes but usually doesn’t significantly affect their eyesight unless it becomes severe.  Estimates suggest that lenticular sclerosis (which includes cataracts) can affect around 50% of dogs over 9 years old and nearly 100% of dogs over 13 years old. If you notice any changes in your dog’s eyes, consulting your veterinarian is advisable for proper evaluation and management.


Kim Edwards