Dr Shannon Gaffaney met Baxter, a Golden Doodle who is nearly 12 years old last week to check his eyes for ocular opacity.  Baxter has age related lens changes but this does not affect his vision at all.  He had a tear test done which measures both quality and quantity of the tears produced.  The quality measures how well it coats the eye and for how long and the quantity measures the amount being produced to lubricate the eye.  Baxter’s tear test results were within normal range.   He has otherwise healthy eyes and Shannon is happy for them to be monitored for now.

Cataract can progress further and can limit vision and cause inflammatory issues within the eye.  Monitoring and regular rechecks are recommended usually every 3/6 months.

Baxter is the most affection dog you could meet.  He always has to greet anyone he meets and loves to be fussed. 💖


Kim Edwards