Hemilaminectomy + MRI – Dennis

Dennis, a very lovable French Bulldog, was presented to Dr John Parker with ongoing spinal pain.
An MRI was performed, identifying a slipped disc. The surgical procedure to correct a slipped or herniated disc in dogs and cats is called a hemilaminectomy. Dennis had a slipped disc in his lumbar spine, so the middle of his back. Dr John performed a hemilaminectomy to relieve the slipped disc. The surgery involves removing the disc annulus from the intervertebral space and the spinal cord was checked for damage.
Dennis was hospitalised for the week to have regular pain relief, cold/heat packs, physiotherapy and strict rest. He went home yesterday (Friday), which was his 8th BIRTHDAY 🥳🎉
We hope Dennis continues to recover well at home, and we will see him back to monitor his progress!
Enjoy your birthday weekend handsome man 💝


Charlie Spearing