More than just a sniffle…

A 14 year old cross breed bitch was referred for chronic intermittent right sided nasal discharge.

A CT was performed…

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CT Findings

There is severe destruction of the right nasal bone, hard palate and maxilla. The entire right frontal sinus is full of soft tissue (mean 82HU) and the right nasal cavity is full of a mixture of soft tissue and amorphous, haphazard turbinate bone destruction. There is massive aggressive expansion of the mass through the maxilla into the subcutaneous tissues of the face, marked displacement of the nasal septum to the left side and mild invasion of the right orbit -1, 2, 3.

There is extension of the mass through the cribriform plate into the right cerebral hemisphere with marked displacement of the falx to the left side – 4, 5, 6.

Diagnosis and Opinion:

This is consistent with an aggressive sinonasal neoplasm with marked nasal/skull destruction and invasion of the cranial cavity.

Given the patient’s age and condition and the severity and extent of the pathological changes seen here, I advised that the kindest thing is to put the patient to sleep.


Nikolai Bailey

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