Soft Tissue Surgery - Veterinary Referral and Emergency Centre

Soft Tissue Surgery



We accept referrals in all aspects of surgery including:

  • ENT surgery including BOAS, laryngeal paralysis, ear surgeries, tracheal collapse
  • Thoracic surgery including thoracic tumours, pericardectomy, chylothorax
  • Liver surgery including portosystemic shunts, hepatic lobectomy
  • Urogential surgery including prostatic surgery, incontinence surgery, nephrectomy, ectopic ureter surgery
  • Gastrointestinal surgery
  • Endocrine including adrenalectomy and thyroidectomy
  • Reconstructive surgery including axial pattern flaps and free skin grafts
  • Oncological surgery including mandiblectomy, maxillectomy, mast cell tumour and sarcoma removal
  • Minimally invasive surgery ‘keyhole’ procedures can be offered where appropriate
  • Interventional radiology procedures including tracheal stenting, urethral stenting and ureteral bypass


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