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Please Note: Currently there is a waitlist for the treatment (June 2023)

Excess thyroid function (hyperthyroidism) is one of the most common diseases diagnosed in cats as they get older.

There are a number of ways to treat this condition which, left untreated, will cause deterioration in your cat’s health.

The Veterinary Referral Centre (VREC) is delighted to offer radioactive iodine therapy, the gold standard in treating feline hyperthyroidism.

The process involves administering a single injection of radioactive iodine to your cat. The radioactive iodine destroys the cancerous overactive thyroid cells without damaging normal thyroid tissue. This is completely painless.
He or she will be looked after by our specially trained staff in extra-large, bright, airy and spacious state of the art kennels. You can let us know what your cat’s favourite dishes are and leave a toy or blanket although these are not returnable. He or she will need to reach a safe level of radiation before being allowed home.

• Gold Standard – eliminates thyroid tumors in 98-99% of cats!
• More cost-effective than drugs or surgery.
• No significantly harmful side effects.
• No damage to healthy thyroid tissue or to the parathyroid glands!
• No anesthesia required!
• No daily tablets needed!
• It destroys thyroid tumors wherever they are located.
• Most cats return to normal thyroid function within a month.

You can read more about this treatment here: Radioiodine Treatment Explained

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