Tom-Cooper, The Labrador, Visits The Dentist

Tom-Cooper, the beautiful Labrador, was referred for specialist dental care to assess his teeth after his vets were concerned about severe discoloration of his canine teeth & possible oral pain.


After an examination, Tom was diagnosed with “pulp necrosis” of his Canine teeth & had two Root canal treatments performed (which prevented him from having to have the teeth extracted).


Treatment for Tom is a two-stage procedure with the initial phase consisting of removal of the infected pulp, flushing of the pulp canal & packing of the cavity with a special calcium hydroxide paste to prevent bacterial infection. The final phase will be done a few weeks later, to fill and close the pulp cavity- performing a full Root canal treatment.


There were also concern for hypo-attenuation within maxillary canines. Our specialist, Rachel performed a physical examination and anesthetized Tom-Cooper for a full radiographic assessment of all of his teeth.

Tom-Cooper X-rays




Keely Breen