Pippa – Herniated Disc

Herniated disc
Pippa was presented to Dr Pierre Barreau for severe neck pain. On clinical examination Pippa was walking with an arched back and the neck kept in a lower position. Palpation of the spine was painful. Appart from pain, neurological examination was normal.
A CT scan was performed. Disc herniation with severe spinal cord compression was present at C5-C6 intervertebral space. Surgical treatment would require corpectomy.
A ventral corpectomy was performed to remove the herniated disc material.
Voluminous disc annulus was removed from the intervertebral space, along with a voluminous haematoma which was drained.
Pippa is doing well in recovery and expected to make a full recovery. She felt so much better after surgery and couldn’t stop singing at the nurses! 💖


Charlie Spearing