Unusual Splenic Lymphoma

Domino is a 10 year, 9 month old crossbreed that presented with lethargy and out of breath with a mild non-regenerative or pre regenerative anaemia. A large abdominal mass was palpated.

CT confirmed a very large mass mid abdominal mass involving almost the entire spleen. A narrow strip of normal appearing spleen remained at the splenic head and tail. The left and right hepatic nodes (either side of the portal vein) appeared mildly enlarged. There was a focal hypodense region involving the caudolateral tip of the right lateral liver lobe adjacent to the lateral hepatic node. No masses were seen elsewhere.

There was a very small metallic foreign body (10mm long x 2mm wide) in the stomach likely of no clinical significance. All other abdominal organs were normal. The chest was also normal. In particular no evidence of pulmonary or other metastasis were seen.

Histopathology confirmed the presence of Splenic marginal zone lymphoma (MZL). This is a form of indolent B-cell lymphoma that is not well characterized in dogs. These tumours are of low histological grade with a slowly progressive clinical course. Splenectomy is reported to be curative in cases where extra-splenic spread has not occurred. In those cases where extra-splenic spread has not occurred, there is no reported difference in survival between dogs treated with adjunctive chemotherapy vs splenectomy alone.

To date Domino is doing well and the owner thinks he is 2 years younger than prior to surgery!


Nikolai Bailey

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