FAQ - Veterinary Referral and Emergency Centre

What is The Veterinary Referral Centre
The Veterinary Referral Centre is a specialist Referral Hospital that also provides an Out of Hours Emergency Service.

Where are you based?
The Veterinary Referral Centre is located in Godstone, Surrey, RH9 8BP which is just off the M25 at junction 6.

Why is my pet being referred to you?
Your vet has referred you and your pet to us because we have specialist staff and equipment not available at their general practice.

What services do you provide?
The Veterinary Referral Centre has two sides to its practice: the specialist referral centre which includes a team of expert veterinarians in fields such as Soft Tissue Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging, Medicine, Endoscopy & Laparoscopy, Neurology & Neuroimaging, Cardiorespiratory, Dentistry, Oncology, Dermatology, Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, Teleradiology and Radioiodine Therapy and an Out of Hours Emergency Service which is available to support your local vet outside of its normal practice hours.

How much will this cost?
As you can imagine, the variety of services that we can offer are on a varying fee scale. All fees will be discussed with you before treatment commences and your normal pet insurance terms apply, as they would, with your usual vet.

Can I no longer see my usual vet?
We are not a replacement for your usual vet but a further service available when your pet needs additional care or treatment not available at your normal vet practice. We will communicate all treatment directly to your vet so they are fully informed and updated.

I have been recommended but live over an hour away. Can I still come to you?
Yes, it is your choice as to which referring vet you bring your pet although it is likely your usual vet will have existing connections/relationships with specialists vets local to them. We are always happy to be a second opinion or preferred choice and are not limited by area boundaries.

Can I query my vet’s advice with you?
In the case of both our Referral Centre and Emergency Out of Hours Service, we are acting as a partner with your usual vet and so you would need to be referred to us by them. We are happy to discuss a proposed treatment plan if you would like a second opinion. Please ask your vet for a referral.

Can I do Work Experience with The Veterinary Referral Centre?
We have a small capacity for offering work experience. Please apply in writing to info@veterinaryreferralcentre.com.

Can I offer feedback following my pets treatment at The Veterinary Referral Centre?
Yes please! We are always keen to hear feedback from our customers following their experience with us. We may even ask to share your story on our blog! Please send any feedback you would like to share to: jennifer@veterinaryreferralcentre.com